How to for Sure Fail at Writing and Publishing

Books and tea are my comfort foods What follows is for comedic and informative purposes, so take all with a grain of salt and remember that no advice (or joke) is one-size-fits-all. Don’t read. Like, don’t read anything. Especially not the guidelines for submissions when you’re ready to hit submit to that snazzy-looking ‘zine or… Continue reading How to for Sure Fail at Writing and Publishing

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9 Teas Worthy of a Fellowship…of the Ring

I stayed up late one night--WAY too late, to be honest--and so I got very silly, as I am wont to do when I am very sleep-deprived. So I came to thinking: what tea would each member of the Fellowship of the Ring of Power be most likely to drink? Thus, we now have this… Continue reading 9 Teas Worthy of a Fellowship…of the Ring

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Free Books for the Bored Educator/Parent

As a way of fighting boredom for you and kiddo during this time, I'm offering a few free books (I figured out how to make them available through links online!) Edited to add: the book titles are links. Go ahead and click them 🙂 In A Pickle - As if angry nuns and bullies weren't… Continue reading Free Books for the Bored Educator/Parent


The Art of the Start

^Behold the playlist. I started! I started! I started writing The S.A.P.I.E.N. Complex! Eh, it's a working title...maybe. Could go by another title, but it would be somewhat of a spoiler, and you know how I hate spoilers. ANYWAY... Sometimes, you've just gotta be happy about the small things. Hey, I can't finish the novel… Continue reading The Art of the Start


Parody Hour

You walk into a bar. But it's not any old bar. It's a karaoke bar. But it's not any old karaoke bar. It's a Par-a-do-ke Bar! What will you sing? Here is an option (can you guess the original?): Sweet dreams are made of tea Oolong, instant, Dar-Jee-Ling Sencha, Grey (Earl), and the Ceylon tea Everybody's… Continue reading Parody Hour


Freebie Friday: The Moon Was Full and Pink

The moon was full and pink She'd had too much to drink They say the moon 'tis made of cheese Listen close: it's made of these: Promises you'll never keep Scars that run too long, too deep The witch's laugh, her sprightly cackle A roving spade, a wormy apple The rotting stench of rancid pears… Continue reading Freebie Friday: The Moon Was Full and Pink


The Day I Bought Steampunky Gloves

So, I found an excuse to own pleather gloves that stink like the real thing. Why? Because I had this wonderful idea of being a writer. Let me back up: I had the wonderful idea of what defined a real writer. Maybe. Read on. Jo March from Little Women had a hat she wore when… Continue reading The Day I Bought Steampunky Gloves


Friday Freebie: Coffee Date

A belated gift to your for National Coffee Day (this past Tuesday.) Behold: The Coffee Date... #             When he told her he loved her, she asked him why. They’d been sitting at the same sticky counter of the same dingy café for an hour, tops, and the words had been somewhat of a shock… Continue reading Friday Freebie: Coffee Date


From the Weekend

This past weekend was full of trying to keep up with writing assignments for a free online class (there is no grading/credits on this one.) In the (approximate) words of my Critique Circle friend Sassy: if this welcome week is supposed to be fun and relaxed, I'll be dead by the end of the actual… Continue reading From the Weekend


A Freebie Friday = Random Writing

Unedited/uncensored writing taken from writing group over a week ago. Rough. Very rough. You have been warned. # He couldn't decided between the white and the black. One shirt screamed "Hipster! Goth! Beatnik!" While the other, also a button-up, said "Formal! Respectable! Promotion!" Henri wished the clothes on the rack would stop talking to him.… Continue reading A Freebie Friday = Random Writing