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You are Cordially Invited to Run – A short story

Here's a flash fiction I wrote a while ago. Enjoy! __ "You are cordially invited to run. I'll give you a two-minute head start." I had found the note lying on the desk in the reading room at my library on All Hallows Eve. "It must have been someone's bookmark," I said, holding the paper… Continue reading You are Cordially Invited to Run – A short story

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A Fairy Tale Intervention: A Short Story

Here's the first short story I ever sold (to AlienSkin Magazine.) Enjoy! Content advisory: Drug use. #      “Pinocchio, you do know why we’re all here today, don’t you?” Dr. Gilganbach looked down at the wooden puppet, who was busily puffing on a joint.      “Um…” Pinocchio looked around the room. Old Mother Hubbard and… Continue reading A Fairy Tale Intervention: A Short Story


Pride and Prune Juice

I'm feeling too lazy today to write a blog post, so you're getting a short story instead. Poor you. ___      It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. It is also acknowledged that an old man in want of… Continue reading Pride and Prune Juice


A Freebie Friday = Random Writing

Unedited/uncensored writing taken from writing group over a week ago. Rough. Very rough. You have been warned. # He couldn't decided between the white and the black. One shirt screamed "Hipster! Goth! Beatnik!" While the other, also a button-up, said "Formal! Respectable! Promotion!" Henri wished the clothes on the rack would stop talking to him.… Continue reading A Freebie Friday = Random Writing