Enter and be Blest…Holes in the Veil cover


by Beth Overmyer

“Packed full of adventure and ending with a cliffhanger that leaves readers anxiously awaiting a sequel.” — Booklist on The Goblets Immortal, Book 1 in the series.

Having killed his lifelong enemy, Aidan Ingledark finds himself in possession of a map to the Questing Goblet, one of the Goblets Immortal that gives the drinker luck beyond measure. Meraude seeks this Goblet to wipe out magic-kind. Aidan and his traveling companion are determined to find it first but they must battle through illusion and doubt.

Jinn’s a Sightful seeking the Summoner. She wants to kill her mother, but her foresight ends in darkness. Can she enlist Aidan’s help and change her fate?

The threat of Meraude and her dominion are imminent in this sequel to The Goblets Immortal.







Pre-order incentives shipped on 3/19/2021. If you haven’t received yours, it might have been lost in the mail.

If you would like a free signed promotional bookmark for The Goblets Immortal, please send an SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) to:

Beth Overmyer
P.O. Box 1142
Amherst, Ohio 44001


Published works:

Holes in the Veil (2021)

The Goblets Immortal (2020)

Circus in a Shot Glass (2018)

Lady Catherine Says (2017)

Dial E for Evil (Tales From the Boiler Room, 2017)

The Price of Secrets (Alphanumeric, 2016)

– Mirror Image (short story, Notes From Underground Anthology by the Literary Lab, 2011)

– A Fairy Tale Intervention (short story, AlienSkin.)

– Red (short story, The Lorelei Signal.)



– Best comedy: Gotham Screen’s 2008 screenwriting competition (The Method)

– Honorable mention for a short story: Allegory’s 2010 spring/summer issue (Red)

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