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by Beth Overmyer

In a land where magic’s feared, a rare magical kind exists: the Blest, products of the Goblets Immortal. Aidan’s a Blest on the run, forced to return home. He made his family vanish decades ago, but believes there’s a way to bring them back.

Whispers of a new fear take shape in Meraude, a mage who hates all magic-kind. When she appears in Aidan’s dreams offering a bargain for the return of his family, Aidan’s desires war with self-preservation.

Is it wise for Aidan to seek the Goblets Immortal for Meraude’s unknown purposes? Friend and foe blur the magical lines, and Aidan must discern who will shake his hand or slit his throat.









Whoever pre-orders The Goblets Immortal will receive a free bookmark, signed bookplate, and a mini replica of the silver sword that makes an appearance throughout the book. All you have to do is be among the first seventy buyers to email me the address you wish to have your incentives shipped to:  bethovermyer@gmail.com

Your information will, of course, be kept confidential. Orders must be placed before February 19, 2020.

Update: For the pre-order notifications I’ve received so far, I’ve shipped all of the USA-bound packages. Start checking your mailboxes! International shipping will hopefully happen before the month is through.

Contact: bethovermyer@gmail.com


Published works:

Circus in a Shot Glass (2018)

Lady Catherine Says (2017)

Dial E for Evil (Tales From the Boiler Room, 2017)

The Price of Secrets (Alphanumeric, 2016)

– Mirror Image (short story, Notes From the Underground Anthology by the Literary Lab, 2011)

– A Fairy Tale Intervention (short story, AlienSkin.)

– Red (short story, The Lorelei Signal.)



– Best comedy: Gotham Screen’s 2008 screenwriting competition (The Method)

– Honorable mention for a short story: Allegory’s 2010 spring/summer issue (Red)

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