You are Cordially Invited to Run – A short story

Here's a flash fiction I wrote a while ago. Enjoy! __ "You are cordially invited to run. I'll give you a two-minute head start." I had found the note lying on the desk in the reading room at my library on All Hallows Eve. "It must have been someone's bookmark," I said, holding the paper… Continue reading You are Cordially Invited to Run – A short story


A Fairy Tale Intervention: A Short Story

Here's the first short story I ever sold (to AlienSkin Magazine.) Enjoy! Content advisory: Drug use. #      “Pinocchio, you do know why we’re all here today, don’t you?” Dr. Gilganbach looked down at the wooden puppet, who was busily puffing on a joint.      “Um…” Pinocchio looked around the room. Old Mother Hubbard and… Continue reading A Fairy Tale Intervention: A Short Story


Happy Valentine’s Day

Is there someone special in your life that you plan on showering with gifts and attention? I have TWO someones! and They'll get lots of love...but, alas, no treats. They upset Cricket's tummy. But if I have a secret admirer out there, please feel free to send books! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Or you could leave a review… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day


Author Copies of Holes in the Veil

These beauties arrived a few weeks ago and I thought I should share. Behold: author copies of HOLES IN THE VEIL! Are not they BEAUTIFUL? You still have around a month to pre-order...if you want the pre-order incentives. Just email your proof of purchase and mailing address to bethovermyer@gmail.com before February 16th, 2021. Keep your… Continue reading Author Copies of Holes in the Veil


Tea Review

I tried some Bird & Blend teas a few weeks ago: Tea and Toast, Eton Mess, and Hot Buttered Rum. A review: Tea and Toast needs around two teaspoons steeped for four to five minutes. Too long and it becomes bitter. Not long enough and you can hardly taste it. While it does not taste… Continue reading Tea Review


Street Team – Beth Wants YOU!

A street team (aka a launch team) can be critical to a book's success. They're the ones who spread word about books they love, be it through social media, Goodreads/Bookbub reviews, talking in person to their friends and family, etc. I'm looking to expand the street team for my fantasy novels. There are perks: Free… Continue reading Street Team – Beth Wants YOU!

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Pre-Order Incentives for Holes in the Veil

I’m doing pre-order incentives again, this time for the second book in The Goblets Immortal trilogy: Holes in the Veil. Below is all the information you need to enter. Who is eligible? Anyone with a US address who is over the age of 18. You can always have an adult order for you, if you… Continue reading Pre-Order Incentives for Holes in the Veil

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Series Bible Pics

You may have seen on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but...I'm handwriting and -drawing a series bible for The Goblets Immortal. Here's a peek at what I have so far (as of the writing of this blog post): I'm also having a sealing stamp made for my main character. Here's what it will (hopefully) look like:… Continue reading Series Bible Pics

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  I’ve been watching a show based on a series of books. Perhaps you’ve heard of…THE WITCHER? Magic and medieval-ish costumes and monsters and a brooding hero equals fun, albeit some nudity, sex, adult language, and a very confusing timeline. Really confusing. Like, it took me three episodes to figure out that we’re moving back… Continue reading Watching THE WITCHER

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My Book is in SFX Magazine

In issue 316 of SFX Magazine, Flame Tree Press took out a one-page ad and...The Goblets Immortal happened to display prominently. I was so excited, I ran out to Barnes and Noble and scoured the shelves until I found it. When I did, I nearly screamed. I almost humiliated my mom by stopping passersby and saying,… Continue reading My Book is in SFX Magazine