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9 Teas Worthy of a Fellowship…of the Ring

A picture of fantasy author Beth Overmyer sipping from a blue mug. Beth is the author of The Goblets Immortal Trilogy, among other works.

I stayed up late one night–WAY too late, to be honest–and so I got very silly, as I am wont to do when I am very sleep-deprived. So I came to thinking: what tea would each member of the Fellowship of the Ring of Power be most likely to drink? Thus, we now have this (extremely) silly/ridiculous/outlandish/wild/stupid post…if I post it. And if I do, and you hate it, maybe you are jsut sleep-deprived as well…or perhaps you merely DREAMED that I posted it at all…

Gandalf* – Earl Grey for starters, and then he will switch to white tea, thank you very much. *rimshot* *dead silence*

A drawing of Gandalf the Grey facing down the Balrog in the mines of Moria. The drawing is by fantasy author Beth Overmyer, who wrote The Goblets Immortal Trilogy, among other works.

*The wizard declared himself a tea-drinker (in The Fellowship of the Ring movie, at least.) Remember? “Just tea, thank you.”

Ahem. Moving right along….

Boromir – Instant tea: proclaims itself be good but quickly betrays you. (Too soon?)

Pippin – First he’ll have a cup of English Breakfast, quickly followed by a second. *nudge*

Merry – Whatever Pippin is drinking. Because Pippin is knows where the good stuff is at (and it comes in pints!)

Sam – Herbal. It isn’t a tea, and by all rights shouldn’t even be on this list, Mr. Frodo. But it’s good….

Legolas – Darjeeling. I feel our elf mellon would drink the “champagne of teas.” It just feels right.

Gimli – I can’t see Gimli drinking tea. Gravy? Yes. But tea?

Aragorn – I imagine he drinks coffee.

Frodo – I’m not sure, but I bet he uses up the last of the water when he makes a cuppa.

*insert all your groans here*


Please forgive this post. Forgive, forget. Don’t tell your friends. But do tell me: What tea do YOU drink?

Keep your nose in a book,

P.S. And buy my books so I can buy a sword, take up sword-fighting, and have less time for blogposts like this one.

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