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A Fairy Tale Intervention: A Short Story

Here's the first short story I ever sold (to AlienSkin Magazine.) Enjoy! Content advisory: Drug use. #      “Pinocchio, you do know why we’re all here today, don’t you?” Dr. Gilganbach looked down at the wooden puppet, who was busily puffing on a joint.      “Um…” Pinocchio looked around the room. Old Mother Hubbard and… Continue reading A Fairy Tale Intervention: A Short Story


Pride and Prune Juice

I'm feeling too lazy today to write a blog post, so you're getting a short story instead. Poor you. ___      It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. It is also acknowledged that an old man in want of… Continue reading Pride and Prune Juice


Friday Freebie: Coffee Date

A belated gift to your for National Coffee Day (this past Tuesday.) Behold: The Coffee Date... #             When he told her he loved her, she asked him why. They’d been sitting at the same sticky counter of the same dingy café for an hour, tops, and the words had been somewhat of a shock… Continue reading Friday Freebie: Coffee Date


Free Friday Read (Because I Felt Like It)

(This was written in last week's writing group. We were all given the same opening line and were told to write the rest of the story until time was up. The following came from goodness knows where.) Lace ties unraveled from her hair. Rapunzel had been living a lie. Sure, she was stuck in that… Continue reading Free Friday Read (Because I Felt Like It)


The City: A Slice of Life

In honor of this fairly bad day, I offer up this little vignette. Enjoy. # The city, in all its infamy, loomed before Cindy, the one, the only, the fabulous...But it mattered no more. Cindy was a has-been, a washed-up star of the moving pictures before they became talking pictures. Where there ought to have… Continue reading The City: A Slice of Life


A Frayed Knot and a Short Story

This is where a joke could possibly be inserted. But this isn't funny. This is serious. I'm serious: my nerves = frayed. You see, one of the sad truths about being a writer is that we take things too lightly and too seriously at the same time--at least, I do. "What is she taking seriously… Continue reading A Frayed Knot and a Short Story