Here’s a bit about the books and stories I’ve published or #amwriting

  • Holes in the Veil  book two of The Goblets Immortal trilogy (Flame Tree Press, 2021)
  • The Goblets Immortal (Flame Tree Press, 2020)
    In a land where magic’s feared, a rare magical kind exists: the Blest, products of the Goblets Immortal. Aidan’s a Blest on the run, forced to return home. He made his family vanish decades ago, but believes there’s a way to bring them back.
    Whispers of a new fear take shape in Meraude, a mage who hates all magic-kind. When she appears in Aidan’s dreams offering a bargain for the return of his family, Aidan’s desires battle with his self-preservation.
    Is it wise for Aidan to seek the Goblets Immortal for Meraude’s unknown purposes? Friend and foe blur the magical lines, and Aidan must discern who will shake his hand or slit his throat.
  • Untitled Goblets Sequel (I’m in the midst of writing and editing them)
  • Circus in a Shot Glass (Clean Reads, 2018)
    For someone who works around mementos of the past, Scotch doesn’t remember much of anything that came before three years ago. She’s drinking herself to an early grave, but when an Englishman shows up, Scotch decides to try to sober up and remember her past so she doesn’t lose this connection she feels with him.Ardal works in the shop next door. His displays of kindness toward her grow, and Scotch can’t help but wonder why he is interested in a drunk like her.

    Can Scotch get her act together, or will a shot glass cause her to lose the best thing that ever happened to her?

  • Lady Catherine Says: 365 Tweets of Condescension (Amazon, 2017)
    Imagine if Lady Catherine de Bourgh had the internet. Got a picture? Okay, now imagine that she was on Twitter… Pride and Prejudice, a love story that has somehow managed to transcend time. Lady Catherine, a misunderstood antagonist who has somehow found access to the internet in Regency England. No good can come from this. #Verily

Short stories:

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