Four Fantastic Reasons You Should Read More Fantasy Novels

If you are a regular on this blog, you might know that fantasy is my favorite genre. But it would be foolish of me to assume it’s yours as well. I do blog about other things, to be sure, and have written in other genres (CIRCUS IN A SHOT GLASS, woot!) Now, I’m going to… Continue reading Four Fantastic Reasons You Should Read More Fantasy Novels


Happy Valentine’s Day

Is there someone special in your life that you plan on showering with gifts and attention? I have TWO someones! and They'll get lots of love...but, alas, no treats. They upset Cricket's tummy. But if I have a secret admirer out there, please feel free to send books! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Or you could leave a review… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day


Pre-orders and a New Bio

There are only eleven days until HOLES IN THE VEIL releases, so be sure to get your order in—if you want pre-order incentives, that is. More about that here. Today I just wanted to share my new long bio that I wrote for Flame Tree. It’s exactly 300 words long—at least, according to my word… Continue reading Pre-orders and a New Bio


2021 Goals and 2020 in Hindsight

In 2019, there was a meme going around that said something similar to the following: 1720 – There was a plague1820 – There was a plague1920 – Also plague2020 – Are you ready? It was meant as a joke. No one’s laughing now. This year’s New Year meme is a bit sadder but wiser and… Continue reading 2021 Goals and 2020 in Hindsight


Tea Review

I tried some Bird & Blend teas a few weeks ago: Tea and Toast, Eton Mess, and Hot Buttered Rum. A review: Tea and Toast needs around two teaspoons steeped for four to five minutes. Too long and it becomes bitter. Not long enough and you can hardly taste it. While it does not taste… Continue reading Tea Review


Early Black Friday Sale

THE GOBLETS IMMORTAL e-book is on sale from Amazon now through the 29th of November (Sunday) for $1.99. Have a copy already? Gift it to a fantasy-loving friend for Christmas or Chanukah or whatever holiday you celebrate! Blurb: In a land where magic’s feared, a rare magical kind exists: the Blest, products of the Goblets… Continue reading Early Black Friday Sale

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Pre-Order Incentives for Holes in the Veil

I’m doing pre-order incentives again, this time for the second book in The Goblets Immortal trilogy: Holes in the Veil. Below is all the information you need to enter. Who is eligible? Anyone with a US address who is over the age of 18. You can always have an adult order for you, if you… Continue reading Pre-Order Incentives for Holes in the Veil

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Book and Food Pairings

Who doesn’t like curling up with a good book and a cuppa comforting tea…or perhaps a scrumptious scone (or three)? This blog post is for you, o seekers of creature comforts. Read on! The Teashop Mysteries by Laura Childs have one obvious pairing: tea. But why not matcha the book-a with the-a corresponding tea-a? (/phony… Continue reading Book and Food Pairings

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What I’m Reading: January 2020

My TBR (to be read) pile keeps growing, but I need to finish what I’ve started reading, which has proven difficult lately. Don’t get me wrong. It’s nothing to do with the books I’m reading—per se. I think I just have a small case of reader’s burnout. Ugh. Here’s what I’m reading: PRAY BIG by… Continue reading What I’m Reading: January 2020


Book Ending Types

Question of the day: “What is your favorite type of book ending?” Well, let’s take a look at the four main ones. There are sad endings, where things don’t work out for the characters. Evil wins, things are still bleak, the conflict might be resolved but the reader is left thinking, “What?! That’s IT?” They… Continue reading Book Ending Types