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2022 and a Lack of Scheduling

Well, I did it. I managed to post a blog post every Friday of 2021--go, me. This year, however, might be a tad different. Just a heads up: I might only be posting occasionally. Or I might post every week. Or a few times a week. 2022 is the year of no blogging schedule. I… Continue reading 2022 and a Lack of Scheduling


Drawings and Writings

"Breathing Lessons" by Beth Overmyer   So, this past week was a bit of a struggle. I was sick, tired, and had many pages of galley left to proof. But I MADE IT! Galleys - CHECK Sickness - LICKED (mostly) Tiredness - Errrrr...two out of three? And I picked up the fantasy novel again, the… Continue reading Drawings and Writings


IF = A Four-Letter Word

So, this blog post has almost zero to do with that ^ title. Haha. April fools! No, I'm going to show you what it would look like if I had a live Patreon page. Ready? My name is Beth, and today I was told I was brave for being a writer. The funny thing? I… Continue reading IF = A Four-Letter Word


Better Than Gray on Grey

A New Look for a New Year! I've messed around a bit with the look of the blog. Whatchoo think? If you'll take a look to you left, glorious blank space (ooh la la!) Up above (repetitive, no?) a mug shot...but not mine. And on the right, next to that blog content stuff (who cares?… Continue reading Better Than Gray on Grey


End of January Report

Words written this year thus far: (at least) 7,910 Submissions made: 1 Rejections: 1 (for a submission made last year) Creative writing group sessions planned and executed: 1 (with another one going on later today) See, I'm making progress. Slow progress, but progress. Oh, and I got hit upside the head with another non-fiction book… Continue reading End of January Report

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Drawing a Blank

I've been a bit...ah, tongue-tied lately, hence the blog silence. Birthday/Christmas/New Years tends to do that to me. Oy vey. I get one thing in mind (like Christmas), and that's about all I can think of. So, until the holidays are over and the winter gloom settles in, I don't think much will be happening… Continue reading Drawing a Blank


Parody Hour

You walk into a bar. But it's not any old bar. It's a karaoke bar. But it's not any old karaoke bar. It's a Par-a-do-ke Bar! What will you sing? Here is an option (can you guess the original?): Sweet dreams are made of tea Oolong, instant, Dar-Jee-Ling Sencha, Grey (Earl), and the Ceylon tea Everybody's… Continue reading Parody Hour



PROBLEM The Internet: the wonderful tool of procrastinators everywhere. SOLUTION Writer's Block, the free word processor that blocks you out of everything else (Internet, your wallpaper/icons, everything) until you reach your word quota...or the time limit you set for yourself. (And now I really feel like an ad man--er, woman.) EAR CANDY This song: Square Circles EYE… Continue reading Randomosity


Free Friday Read (Because I Felt Like It)

(This was written in last week's writing group. We were all given the same opening line and were told to write the rest of the story until time was up. The following came from goodness knows where.) Lace ties unraveled from her hair. Rapunzel had been living a lie. Sure, she was stuck in that… Continue reading Free Friday Read (Because I Felt Like It)


The First Hour of My Wednesday (9/2/15)

(Written in writing group today. The prompt was to write, in detail, about the first hour of your day. I had maybe eight minutes to write the following by hand.) 8:00 AM - Eyes open. "Ugh. I am not doing this. Can I sleep longer? Hey, I only got four hours. I think I can… Continue reading The First Hour of My Wednesday (9/2/15)