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Six Things to Do After Reading The Goblets Immortal

Have you read The Goblets Immortal and its follow-up Holes in the Veil? Waiting for Death's Key (book 3) to be released in 2023? There are a few things you can do for fun and to help me. Ready for the list? Drink lots of small beer.What is small beer? Here's a quick definition for… Continue reading Six Things to Do After Reading The Goblets Immortal

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Author Interview With the Avon Lake Public Library

Hi! As you may have known, I did an interview back in June. It was about my books and my writing and, oh, everything writerly. If you missed out on the live Zoom session, it was recorded and has recently been uploaded to YouTube. Come watch me have a bit of fun! AUTHOR INTERVIEW There… Continue reading Author Interview With the Avon Lake Public Library

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A Fairy Tale Intervention: A Short Story

Here's the first short story I ever sold (to AlienSkin Magazine.) Enjoy! Content advisory: Drug use. #      “Pinocchio, you do know why we’re all here today, don’t you?” Dr. Gilganbach looked down at the wooden puppet, who was busily puffing on a joint.      “Um…” Pinocchio looked around the room. Old Mother Hubbard and… Continue reading A Fairy Tale Intervention: A Short Story

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Series Bible Pics

You may have seen on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but...I'm handwriting and -drawing a series bible for The Goblets Immortal. Here's a peek at what I have so far (as of the writing of this blog post): I'm also having a sealing stamp made for my main character. Here's what it will (hopefully) look like:… Continue reading Series Bible Pics


Drawing and Fun

Hi everyone! I hope your holidays treated you well. Back to the old grind, eh? Wait, wait, WAIT. Let's not put it like that. Let's not let it BE that. I want to have fun. I want work to be fun and experimental. I want to take risks. Slaine and Aidan from The Goblets Immortal… Continue reading Drawing and Fun

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Hobby Help!

I’ve been thinking lately that I need a hobby. For the longest time, I was calling writing my anything but what it is (my job), but I’ve come to the realization that it’s not exactly a pastime. Therefore…I am hobby-less *insert sad face here* All work and no play would make Beth a dull writer.… Continue reading Hobby Help!