8 Awesome Books I am Stoked to Read in 2022

Here's a list of the top ten books I want to read (or finish reading) in 2022: The Lyrics by Paul McCartneyThis two-volume book contains the lyrics to all of Paul McCartney songs (written solo or collaboratively) and the stories behind each.Rule of Wolves by Leigh BardugoThis book is the second in a duology, all… Continue reading 8 Awesome Books I am Stoked to Read in 2022

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Top 11 Books I’ve Read in 2020 and 2021

I've read a lot of good books this decade so far. Here's a look at my top eleven favorites thus far (I couldn't narrow it down to ten!) Ophelia by Lisa M. Klein - I read this one in 2020. It's based on Shakespeare's play Hamlet but from the perspective of Ophelia, Hamlet's love interest.… Continue reading Top 11 Books I’ve Read in 2020 and 2021

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Six Things to Do After Reading The Goblets Immortal

Have you read The Goblets Immortal and its follow-up Holes in the Veil? Waiting for Death's Key (book 3) to be released in 2023? There are a few things you can do for fun and to help me. Ready for the list? Drink lots of small beer.What is small beer? Here's a quick definition for… Continue reading Six Things to Do After Reading The Goblets Immortal


Happy Valentine’s Day

Is there someone special in your life that you plan on showering with gifts and attention? I have TWO someones! and They'll get lots of love...but, alas, no treats. They upset Cricket's tummy. But if I have a secret admirer out there, please feel free to send books! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Or you could leave a review… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day


Author Copies of Holes in the Veil

These beauties arrived a few weeks ago and I thought I should share. Behold: author copies of HOLES IN THE VEIL! Are not they BEAUTIFUL? You still have around a month to pre-order...if you want the pre-order incentives. Just email your proof of purchase and mailing address to before February 16th, 2021. Keep your… Continue reading Author Copies of Holes in the Veil


Motivation/Consequences: Beth Vs. NaNo

So, I took a break from writing yesterday, as I usually do on Sundays. BUT I did some plotting. And I did some more plotting today. And I am so excited I can't even...I think that's why I accidentally wrote two NaNoWriMo posts and, er, posted them. Oops. Forgive me? Please? Here's a picture of… Continue reading Motivation/Consequences: Beth Vs. NaNo


Are You Ready for Some NaNo(WriMo)?!

Anyone else doing National Novel Writing Month this year? If so (even if NOT) here is a must-have and must-do list for you: Watch NaNoMusical by WeTangent on Youtube Or listen to the soundtrack (and buy it. Please?) Visit the NaNoWriMo website, but of course You NEED caffeinated mints BACK UP YOUR WORK! Get outline… Continue reading Are You Ready for Some NaNo(WriMo)?!