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Series Bible Pics

You may have seen on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but...I'm handwriting and -drawing a series bible for The Goblets Immortal. Here's a peek at what I have so far (as of the writing of this blog post): I'm also having a sealing stamp made for my main character. Here's what it will (hopefully) look like:… Continue reading Series Bible Pics


Drawing and Fun

Hi everyone! I hope your holidays treated you well. Back to the old grind, eh? Wait, wait, WAIT. Let's not put it like that. Let's not let it BE that. I want to have fun. I want work to be fun and experimental. I want to take risks. Slaine and Aidan from The Goblets Immortal… Continue reading Drawing and Fun

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Hobby Help!

I’ve been thinking lately that I need a hobby. For the longest time, I was calling writing my anything but what it is (my job), but I’ve come to the realization that it’s not exactly a pastime. Therefore…I am hobby-less *insert sad face here* All work and no play would make Beth a dull writer.… Continue reading Hobby Help!