Drawing and Fun

Hi everyone!

I hope your holidays treated you well. Back to the old grind, eh? Wait, wait, WAIT. Let’s not put it like that. Let’s not let it BE that. I want to have fun. I want work to be fun and experimental. I want to take risks.

slaine and aidan.jpgSlaine and Aidan from The Goblets Immortal

On and off throughout my life, I’ve dabbled in drawing and painting. I’ve never had any lessons–and it shows. Remember when I talked about needing a hobby? Something that wasn’t work but ALL fun? Well, I’ve decided to make that hobby drawing, and I’m trying to get beyond trying to be awesome at it, ’cause that ain’t happening.

IMG_2654.JPGInspiration for SECRET PROJECT


It’s hard, letting myself just create and not worrying about the end product like my career depends on it. But it’s such a release.

Charcoal Rendering.pngMy first experiment with charcoal

Some of the drawings/painting turn out better than others. Then we have this:

IMG_2657.JPGMy second experiment with using charcoal

Just thought I’d share.

Keep your nose in a book,

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