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Six Things to Do After Reading The Goblets Immortal

Have you read The Goblets Immortal and its follow-up Holes in the Veil? Waiting for Death’s Key (book 3) to be released in 2023? There are a few things you can do for fun and to help me. Ready for the list?

  1. Drink lots of small beer.
    What is small beer? Here’s a quick definition for those not in the know: it’s really just an archaic word for weak beer. Back in the day, when water wasn’t safe to drink without boiling it for a certain amount of time, beers and wines were a safer/quicker/more readily available option.
  2. Eat a pasty at every meal 😉
    What is a pasty? Where have you BEEN?! (Just teasing, just teasing.) It’s a hand pie, basically, usually full of veg and meat. Cornish miners would eat these pastries and usually discarded the crust, which had been dirtied by their hands. The Cornish Pasty made its way to the USA in 1840s. It dates back to at least 1150 in England.

    Here’s a recipe for some DELICIOUS chicken pot pie pasties!
  3. Brood. Seriously. Aidan Ingledark is the king of angst.

    Exhibit A: The Goblets Immortal, page 10: “My fault,” the words came out unbidden, a dark habit of his mouth. It was true, though. Still, Aidan couldn’t afford to dwell on that just now.

    Exhibit B: The Goblets Immortal, page 43: “Idiot,” he groaned, taking a step back. “I am such an idiot.”
  4. Learn how to make fire. Because you never know when you’ll find yourself on the run from a murderous mage and, Oops, you didn’t bring any matches and it’s a cold night. Or maybe you just need to repel hungry goblins who want the magic goblet they think you have.
  5. Read other books from Flame Tree Press, because let’s face it: they’re awesome.
  6. Leave a review of The Goblets Immortal and/or Holes in the Veil, because reviews help sell books…which in turn ensures there will be more from me in the future.


What is the last book you read? A series? I love series. Especially those in the fantasy or cozy mystery genres. Drop your reads in the comments–we all would love to read them!

Keep your nose in a book,

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