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What are We Reading?

There's a song that starts out "What are you wearing? (Who are you wearing?)" Pfft. I'm no fashionista. What I care about is "What are you reading? (Who are you reading?)" Seriously. Some people judge other people for what they wear. While I don't judge people by what they wear or read, I am a… Continue reading What are We Reading?


Buttload of Writing to Do

The list of things to be written is growing. Oi vey. Do you want to see the list of titles? OF COURSE YOU DO! Projects in no particular order (all are in various stages of development) Excalibur Lucan and the Medieval Murders Doggone It!: An Arthur Slow Mystery They Were Heroes: Jane Austen Willoughby’s Regrets Racing… Continue reading Buttload of Writing to Do


The Art of Hearing “No!”

No one likes to hear no...unless they're a masochist. Writers, artists, actors, poets, etc. must hear no way more than the average human being (had to differentiate between us and cats: "NO, TIGGER! Get off the table!") But how to handle no? It feels like rejection. It feels personal, when someone rejects our "children" aka… Continue reading The Art of Hearing “No!”