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2022 and a Lack of Scheduling

Well, I did it. I managed to post a blog post every Friday of 2021--go, me. This year, however, might be a tad different. Just a heads up: I might only be posting occasionally. Or I might post every week. Or a few times a week. 2022 is the year of no blogging schedule. I… Continue reading 2022 and a Lack of Scheduling

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Twitter Contest: $15 Amazon Gift Card Prize

Hey, guys. I'm running a contest on Twitter at the moment for a $15 Amazon gift card (US only, unless I can send an electronic gift card internationally.) The rules are simple: Take a photo of a copy of The Goblets Immortal You don't have to be in the pic. It doesn't even have to… Continue reading Twitter Contest: $15 Amazon Gift Card Prize

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Pre-Order Incentives for Holes in the Veil

I’m doing pre-order incentives again, this time for the second book in The Goblets Immortal trilogy: Holes in the Veil. Below is all the information you need to enter. Who is eligible? Anyone with a US address who is over the age of 18. You can always have an adult order for you, if you… Continue reading Pre-Order Incentives for Holes in the Veil

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Book Lover’s Christmas List

If you have an avid reader on your Christmas shopping list, here are some ideas that will hopefully spark your imagination. * Shopping for a Jane Austen fan? These advent calendar gift bags look awesome! Each day up until Christmas has a numbered bag with a print of an Austen character on it, along with… Continue reading Book Lover’s Christmas List


Book Ending Types

Question of the day: “What is your favorite type of book ending?” Well, let’s take a look at the four main ones. There are sad endings, where things don’t work out for the characters. Evil wins, things are still bleak, the conflict might be resolved but the reader is left thinking, “What?! That’s IT?” They… Continue reading Book Ending Types

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9 Reasons for Libraries

Some people believe that the public library is obsolete, or at least headed in that direction. They see it as a waste of tax dollars, because, frankly, they don’t need it, so no one must. Can’t people just buy an e-book or paperback from Amazon? Random but obligatory Mr. Crabby shot, just 'cause Here is… Continue reading 9 Reasons for Libraries

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My Book is in SFX Magazine

In issue 316 of SFX Magazine, Flame Tree Press took out a one-page ad and...The Goblets Immortal happened to display prominently. I was so excited, I ran out to Barnes and Noble and scoured the shelves until I found it. When I did, I nearly screamed. I almost humiliated my mom by stopping passersby and saying,… Continue reading My Book is in SFX Magazine

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3 Things Fantasy Novels Taught Me About Time Management

There are many morals to be gleaned from fantasy. From the consequences of coveting to the danger of spilling secrets, the genre is a treasure trove. Today I’d like to talk about time management and what fantasy has taught me about the beast. These are simple lessons, but when taken seriously, I believe they can… Continue reading 3 Things Fantasy Novels Taught Me About Time Management

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What are We Reading?

There's a song that starts out "What are you wearing? (Who are you wearing?)" Pfft. I'm no fashionista. What I care about is "What are you reading? (Who are you reading?)" Seriously. Some people judge other people for what they wear. While I don't judge people by what they wear or read, I am a… Continue reading What are We Reading?