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Looking for Advance Readers

After the murder of her father – which no one but her believes happened – Verve just wants to hold her family together and take on the role of provider. Unfortunately, a cruel fae lord believes she knows the location of an ancient magical weapon and steals her away to Letorheas, realm of the fairies. The fae lord seems to want something from Verve that goes beyond the weapon, something that many doubt she can provide. Verve must find a way to navigate the strangeness of Letorheas and embrace a destiny more intertwined with the fae than she would like to believe.

Description of BRITTLE

Does this appeal to you? I’m looking for advance readers for BRITTLE, a roughly 300-page* fantasy novel that comes out on August 15 from Flame Tree Press. Readers will be asked to leave an honest review, if they’re comfortable doing so.

If you’re interested, please send me an email and I will send you a link to its NetGalley page when it becomes available for review. Here’s my address:

Keep your nose in a book,

*I don’t know the exact page count right now, but the unformatted manuscript is over 400 pages.

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