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That One Time I Attempted to Cook Like a Hobbit

Cookbook and apples--oh boy! Back in January, I attempted to make a recipe from AN UNEXPECTED COOKBOOK, a collection of recipes inspired by the food found in THE HOBBIT by J.R.R. Tolkien. The recipe in question was apple hand pies. The method? Both freeform and patted into a cupcake tin. The process went about as… Continue reading That One Time I Attempted to Cook Like a Hobbit

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Book and Food Pairings

Who doesn’t like curling up with a good book and a cuppa comforting tea…or perhaps a scrumptious scone (or three)? This blog post is for you, o seekers of creature comforts. Read on! The Teashop Mysteries by Laura Childs have one obvious pairing: tea. But why not matcha the book-a with the-a corresponding tea-a? (/phony… Continue reading Book and Food Pairings

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From Book to Cook – Episode 1

Earlier this week, I filmed the first episode of my new cooking show, From Book to Cook (title credit goes to Mimi, fellow author and a historical food enthusiast.) I made a spiced honey cake from the Unofficial Poldark Cookbook by Tricia Cohen and Larry Edwards. Have a look, but forgive the shaky camera and… Continue reading From Book to Cook – Episode 1


Foil Dinners (Recipe)

If you're in a hurry and don't want to make a huge mess, here's a recipe that I have memorized that is quick and easy and, most importantly, DELICIOUS! Foil dinners: Ingredients: 1 pound ground hamburger Four medium-sized potatoes, scrubbed clean 1 small onion Baby carrots, halved or quartered, long-ways Salt and pepper Four sheet… Continue reading Foil Dinners (Recipe)