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Book and Food Pairings

Who doesn’t like curling up with a good book and a cuppa comforting tea…or perhaps a scrumptious scone (or three)? This blog post is for you, o seekers of creature comforts. Read on! The Teashop Mysteries by Laura Childs have one obvious pairing: tea. But why not matcha the book-a with the-a corresponding tea-a? (/phony… Continue reading Book and Food Pairings

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Mary Berry’s Cherry Cake – An Adventure

Hi, guys and dolls! I’m mixing things up a bit on the blog. Instead of just talking about writing, I’m going to be sharing tidbit, anecdotes, and the like of things I find interesting. This week’s interest should come as no surprise: BAKING! For Easter this year, I made one of Mary Berry’s famous recipes:… Continue reading Mary Berry’s Cherry Cake – An Adventure