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Baking With Beth: Pumpkin Bread

In the mood for some hearty seasonal bread? Tuck in--or put on an apron--and read on! 3 1/2 C flour1 T baking powder1 t baking soda, salt, cinnamon1/4 t ground cloves4 large eggs, beaten1 1/2 C white sugar1 C brown sugar2 sticks butter, melted1 15 or 16 ounce can of pure pumpkin Grease and flour… Continue reading Baking With Beth: Pumpkin Bread


Things I Like About Autumn

In all the seasons, there is something to be enjoyed. Summer means no school (yay–for the kids at least.) There are picnics and beach trips and swimming. Spring is the time of renewal, of rain and beautiful growth and pastels. Winter brings Christmas and the New Year, plus sledding and ice-skating and hunkering down until… Continue reading Things I Like About Autumn


Happy September!

It's that time of year, people. Get ready to be inundated with all things pumpkin spice, to smell the sights, to see the sounds, to...Did you catch that? If you didn't, I'll let you read it again. Anyway, fall is just around the corner. No, it is not here yet. We're still in summer, no… Continue reading Happy September!