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What are We Reading?

There’s a song that starts out “What are you wearing? (Who are you wearing?)” Pfft. I’m no fashionista. What I care about is “What are you reading? (Who are you reading?)” Seriously. Some people judge other people for what they wear. While I don’t judge people by what they wear or read, I am a curious lil’ Question Otter.*

These are the books I’m reading at the moment (and, for the most part, enjoying):

Here’s what I’ve read so far this year:

Genre break-down of books read:

Straight-up fantasy (YA or adult): 2
Urban fantasy/paranormal mystery: 6
Science fiction: 1
Straight up mystery (YA or adult): 3
Romance: 1
Literary: 1
Nonfiction: 15

And I have a lot more on my TBR (to-be-read) pile: 442, to be a bit more precise.

What are YOU reading? Anything good? Please tell me in the comments! Also, want to support me? Buy my books and/or sign up for my newsletter. Much appreciated!

Keep your nose in a book,

*I have no idea where that came from

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