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What are We Reading?

There's a song that starts out "What are you wearing? (Who are you wearing?)" Pfft. I'm no fashionista. What I care about is "What are you reading? (Who are you reading?)" Seriously. Some people judge other people for what they wear. While I don't judge people by what they wear or read, I am a… Continue reading What are We Reading?


2016 Goals

I have a few goals for 2016. *clears throat* *takes a deep breath* Finish long version of CIASG (8,000 words left to go!) Revise/polish/edit CIASG Submit CIASG to agent(s) Finish draft one of the goblets novel Polish medium-length version THIAG Submit THIAG to publisher(s) Finish draft one of YA novel Those are my goals. If… Continue reading 2016 Goals