Drawings and Writings

"Breathing Lessons" by Beth Overmyer   So, this past week was a bit of a struggle. I was sick, tired, and had many pages of galley left to proof. But I MADE IT! Galleys - CHECK Sickness - LICKED (mostly) Tiredness - Errrrr...two out of three? And I picked up the fantasy novel again, the… Continue reading Drawings and Writings


Christmas Gifts — The Writerly List

Here are a few gift ideas for writers that I found. I haven't been paid or asked to endorse these, and haven't tried them all. Just a heads up 😉 BOOKS: Writing 21st Century Fiction by Donald Maass Stephen King's On Writing   HOUSE AND HOME: A bookish candle of the month club subscription from… Continue reading Christmas Gifts — The Writerly List

Social media

Social Media Advice for Writers

I'm going to hazard a guess: I bet that most of the people following my blog right now are writers. Am I right (if I'm not, please tell me so in the comments!)? If you are, I'm going to make another guess: I'm betting that at least 3/4 of the writers here are looking to… Continue reading Social Media Advice for Writers


My Beats

Right now (not at this very moment, because, well, I'm writing this blog post) I am writing a high fantasy novel and fighting the never-ending battle for the keyboard with The Cat (that is a war that is raging on as I type this.) For every battle, there must be strategy, strength, stealth, an appropriate… Continue reading My Beats


From the Weekend

This past weekend was full of trying to keep up with writing assignments for a free online class (there is no grading/credits on this one.) In the (approximate) words of my Critique Circle friend Sassy: if this welcome week is supposed to be fun and relaxed, I'll be dead by the end of the actual… Continue reading From the Weekend