Brittle Preorder Incentives: Secure Your Gift Now by Preordering Today

As of March 21, there are 5 preorder incentives left.

Interested in reading my new fantasy novel? Want some free gifts for preordering it? Keep reading!

After the murder of her father – which no one but her believes happened – Verve just wants to hold her family together and take on the role of provider. Unfortunately, a cruel fae lord believes she knows the location of an ancient magical weapon and steals her away to Letorheas, realm of the fairies. The fae lord seems to want something from Verve that goes beyond the weapon, something that many doubt she can provide. Verve must find a way to navigate the strangeness of Letorheas and embrace a destiny more intertwined with the fae than she would like to believe.

Blurb for Brittle, out from Flame Tree Press August 15, 2023

If you preorder BRITTLE (Blade & Bone, book 1) by 11:59 PDT on August 14, 2023 and email ( me your mailing address* along with proof-of-purchase (with your payment information blacked out), I’ll send the first twenty US residents the following gifts:

  • 1 wood veneer dagger bookmark
  • 1 signed bookplate
  • 1 vanilla- and coffee-scented solid hand lotion
  • 1 mini jar (1 oz.) of blackcurrant preserve
  • 1 promotional postcard

Incentives will ship in mid to late October since the lotion will melt in hot weather.


Flame Tree Press:


Barnes and Noble:




I’ll try to keep this post up-to-date with how many incentives are left.

*Your information, as always, will be kept confidential.

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