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Plans for the Rest of 2020

Ahhhh! Can this year just be over with already? So many bad things have happened to folks in 2020...and it's just the beginning of June. I don't want to rehash it all here. Instead, I'm going to look forward to the second half and pray/hope/plan that it is/for it to be a better 1/2. I… Continue reading Plans for the Rest of 2020

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2019 – A Year in Review

Here's am overview of my 2019. Please feel free to enter your accomplishments, setbacks, realizations in the comments 🙂 Books I read in 2019 Reader Magnets by Nick Stephenson Bootstrapping for Indies by Simon Whistler Blood Orange Brewing by Laura Childs Your Road Map to Successful Author Events by Pavarti K. Tyler Story Trumps Structure… Continue reading 2019 – A Year in Review

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A Q&A: Christopher’s Question

Recently, a friend posed this question on Facebook, and I decided to post my answer here on this blog: Q: How do you know what errors/typos you have [when you edit]? – Christopher A: That’s an excellent question. There are different style guides that a publisher will go by. Or, if you’re self-publishing, there’s The… Continue reading A Q&A: Christopher’s Question


Trigger Warnings

Greetings! It would seem that edits for Circus in a Shot Glass are done! ...knock on wood. I mean, I haven't heard anything, but I'm assuming that they are. But there was something I was wrestling with that I contacted Clean Reads about: Does my book need a trigger warning? First, let me explain what… Continue reading Trigger Warnings


Galley Edits — I’m On My Way!

Last week there was no blog post. I know, bad me. Let me update you on what I'm up to: Circus in a Shot Glass has reached the galley proofing stage, so I am doing just that: galley proofing. I have until March 16th to finish, and with the power going in and out lately,… Continue reading Galley Edits — I’m On My Way!


Cats and Proofreading

I've done one round of proofing on Circus in a Shot Glass! I have a feeling that the end is nigh. YAY! I have no idea when Clean Reads is going to hit the great PUBLISH button, and I'm still taking guesses (I only have two so far, so please guess!) : In other news...… Continue reading Cats and Proofreading


Cats and Editing Don’t Mix

Did I mention I have a kitten? Internet, meet Bowie! ('Scuse the mess.) I finished my content edits for Circus in a Shot Glass (coming out from Clean Reads later this year) before Bowie arrived. Line edits (fixing punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.) came after Bowie arrived and, well...things were interesting, to say the least. Trying… Continue reading Cats and Editing Don’t Mix