Trigger Warnings


It would seem that edits for Circus in a Shot Glass are done! …knock on wood. I mean, I haven’t heard anything, but I’m assuming that they are. But there was something I was wrestling with that I contacted Clean Reads about:

Does my book need a trigger warning?

First, let me explain what a trigger warning is: It’s a label put at the beginning of a book that warns readers of potentially upsetting/disturbing content.

My publisher was fine with me putting one in, so wrote it and sent it off. There are internet debates about whether or not warnings should be used. Some claim is coddles the reader. Others state that warnings are spoilers. But I think, as far as my writing goes, it’s important for me to give my readers a heads-up. It’s a courtesy, a kindness.

What are YOUR thoughts on trigger warnings? (Rude, argumentative responses will be deleted.)

Keep your pen on the page,

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