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Let’s Take Another Stab at Terrific Book and Tea Pairings

Book: Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt

My blurb of it: This multi-threaded story of loss, longing, and searching for a better ending. Tova is the cleaner at an aquarium in Sowell, Washington. She had known much sorrow, but finds purpose and consolation in her work. Bits of her life begin to unravel and untangle as she makes the most unlikely friends: a remarkably intelligent octopus named Marcellus and a troubled man who is searching for a quick pay-out from a deadbeat dad.

My rating: 4.5 stars

Tea to complement: This is a tearjerker of a novel but also oh-so heartwarming. I recommend something uncomplicated, familiar, yet robust beverage to sip on while reading. A black tea like English Breakfast by Bag Ladies might be just the ticket. If you’re not a big tea-drinker, though, coffee is mentioned quite a few times in the book, along with a couple of glasses of fine red wine. Just don’t spill it and mop up the mess with expensive rock band paraphernalia! 😉

Tea prep: Bring fresh (preferably filtered), cold water to a boil in a kettle (microwaving water is dangerous.) Warm up your teapot or teacup by swirling hot water around in it first. Put the called-for amount of tea in the pot/cup and THEN add water. Let steep for 3-5 minutes or to taste. Enjoy with milk, sugar, or on its own!

Remember: If the water is too hot and/or you steep the tea for too long, the leaves will release tannins, potentially making the tea bitter with a dry feeling in your mouth (think of when you chew grape skins for too long.)

Book: Wings of Fury by Emily R. King

My blurb of it: You might think you know the story of Zeus, the god hidden away from his Titan father, Cronus. But that was a man’s take on the tale. This book tells the story from the perspective of a young oppressed woman, Althea, who rises above the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated society to help Zeus find his true potential. First, though, she must survive and outwit the man who cursed her, aka the man responsible for taking her mother away when she was young.

My rating: 4 stars (I’m not finished reading as of this writing, but it is an awesome read so far!)

Tea to complement: Celestial Seasonings Herbal Country Peach Passion “Tea”. Add enough sugar and you will think you’re drinking the Nectar of the gods! Seriously, it is a very accurate representation of peach.

Tea prep: Bring cold, filtered water to a boil and pour over teabag. Steep for four to six minutes and enjoy with sugar or by itself.

Remember: Herbal “teas” aren’t really tea at all. To be considered tea, the leaves must come from a special plant, which is called camellia sinensis. Celestial Seasonings’ peach tisane is made from orange peel, rose hips, hawthorn, chamomile, natural peach flavor with other natural flavors, blackberry leaves, hibiscus, peaches and citric acid.


What are some of your favorite teas? What books would YOU pair them with?

Keep your nose in a book, and don’t forget to preorder Brittle!


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