If You’re a Witcher Fan and Like the Music, This One’s for You!

Toss a coin to your Witcher.... Has anyone else watched and enjoyed The Witcher on Netflix? So awesome. Lots of swearing, some nudity and sex, lots of violence/gore, though, so be forewarned. One of the things I love most about the show, besides the amazing acting and storylines and characters, is the music. Joey Batey… Continue reading If You’re a Witcher Fan and Like the Music, This One’s for You!

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  I’ve been watching a show based on a series of books. Perhaps you’ve heard of…THE WITCHER? Magic and medieval-ish costumes and monsters and a brooding hero equals fun, albeit some nudity, sex, adult language, and a very confusing timeline. Really confusing. Like, it took me three episodes to figure out that we’re moving back… Continue reading Watching THE WITCHER

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Fantastical Things I’m Excited About

Happy first day of summer! The year is more than half-over…can you believe it? And so many shiny things around the bend for fantasy lovers. Here are a few fantastical things that I am looking forward to. The Grishaverse books are being adapted into a TV series for Netflix. The show will follow the events… Continue reading Fantastical Things I’m Excited About