To Come: Cover Reveal at FanFi Addict!

This is so awesome, you guys: FanFi Addict is going to do a reveal of BRITTLE‘s cover on their site. Monday, January 16th is the date. I’ll post the cover here after I’ve sent it out to my newsletter peeps.

Speaking of BRITTLE, I’m neck-deep in edits right now. Don D.’s got some great notes, as has I.H. (I’ve never learned what their initials stand for, but this editor is equally fabulous as Don.) I’ve learned that I have a lot of crutch words/phrases. What that means is that I tend to repeat a lot of words/phrases. Here’s my list:

  • shudder
  • snort
  • smirk
  • open mouth without saying anything
  • small smile

Monday will involve me doing one last run through the Word document, this time doing a search for those words/phrases. Die, Repetition, DIE!

I hope you all are having a fabulous 2023 so far.

Keep your nose in a book,

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