Tea Review

I tried some Bird & Blend teas a few weeks ago: Tea and Toast, Eton Mess, and Hot Buttered Rum. A review:

Tea and Toast needs around two teaspoons steeped for four to five minutes. Too long and it becomes bitter. Not long enough and you can hardly taste it. While it does not taste like tea and toast, you get some nice raspberry notes in there along with black tea. I might need to try a few more servings to get this one right, so I don’t put my endorsement on it…yet.

Eton Mess is entirely herbal. I put in a tablespoon and let it steep for five minutes. Wet, it smells sickly sweet. But the liquor itself is delicious and didn’t need as much sugar as I normally put in. Definitely tasted like a dessert! I very much recommend this one.

Hot Buttered Rum smelled good dry, but once water was added, it stank to high heaven. It smelled like a perfume! And it tasted disgusting (like rotten perfume.) Would not recommend.

Pictured with the teas is my debut fantasy novel THE GOBLETS IMMORTAL from Flame Tree Press. The second book, HOLES IN THE VEIL, is due out February 16, 2021.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/32jiPoI
Barnes & Noble: https://bit.ly/36rXbQL
Flame Tree Press: https://bit.ly/2IcOrpo
BAM!: https://bit.ly/36rXbQL

Keep your nose in a book,

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