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New Year, Non-negotiable Goals



We’ve said farewell to a decade, guys! It’s the ’20s again, and that is cause for celebration.

I considered attending a Roaring ’20s NYE party, but I’m not big on crowds. Or booze. Or being out late, for that matter. Did you y’all do anything fun to ring in the New Year? Kiss someone special?

Since it’s the beginning a new year, I’ve set a few goals for myself. I have other people depending on me now, so most of these goals are pretty much non-negotiable:

  1. Send in polished (final) draft of book two on January 17th
  2. Finish draft one of book three by August 1st
  3. Read at least twenty-five books
  4. Have a blog post for every Friday
  5. Have a newsletter for every first Wednesday of each month

As for the 2020s, I have goals for this decade as well:

  1. Finish The Goblets Immortal series
  2. Write and polish at least one book a year
  3. Read more

Those are more professional goals. As of the writing of this, I’m still thinking on personal issues I’d like to deal with, which I won’t get into here.

What are some of your goals? Please share and root each other on in the comments!

Keep your nose in a book,

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