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9 Reasons for Libraries

Some people believe that the public library is obsolete, or at least headed in that direction. They see it as a waste of tax dollars, because, frankly, they don’t need it, so no one must. Can’t people just buy an e-book or paperback from Amazon?

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Here is a list of some reasons why I believe the local public library is a boon to society:

9. Not everyone can afford an e-book or paper copy.

Libraries are a free resource that allows those with a low income – or anyone who is money-conscious – to read and learn and be entertained like everyone else. Because not everyone has the money or the ability to access and buy from Amazon, never mind having an e-reader…or the internet, in some cases. Speaking of the internet…

8. Libraries offer free internet access to their patrons.

It’s not always a case of not having the money for the internet. Some people just don’t have good service where they live, so going to the library is a godsend.

7. Libraries have free programs and often assist their patrons with job applications or research questions.

6. If you don’t own a printer or scanner, libraries can come to your rescue.

And it’s not usually expensive, and you can even send your documents from home to some libraries!

5. There are not just books at a library. There are:

– Magazines

– Newspapers

– DVDs

– Books on CD

– CDs

Some libraries lend out bikes, fishing kits, cooking supplies, puzzles, etc. FREE.

4. People can meet there for no cost.

In 4-H and need a place to have your monthly meeting? Library. Want to have a school/fundraising/whatever type of planning committee and everyone’s house is too small? Library conference room, party of twelve.

3. Free programs.

From reading fairs and drawing contests to creative writing groups and books clubs, your local library probably hosts several free events every month. What a great place to go and not spend a buck but have a great time.

2. They’re cold in the summer, warm in the winter, and dry in the rain.

The building itself is a great escape from the elements and it’s open most days of the week.

  1. It gives people jobs, and their job is to help you.


The point is, libraries have always been needed and will always be needed. They are founts of knowledge, a hub where people gather with no expectations put upon them. They evolve and rise to the challenge of change.

And they’re breaking stereotypes. Gone are the days where you’re hushed and glared at by strict librarians wearing tight buns and tighter expressions. Outside food and drink are even making an appearance in some, along with cafes and shops.

So keep your nose in a book…and keep funding in the libraries,


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