Seven Easy Tips For Getting Less Done

DON’T make a to-do list. If you make a list, you might enjoy checking things off and therefore you might remember to check it every day and might accidentally accomplish things. We don’t want that.

DON’T make a doable to-do list, should you find yourself accidentally making one. Be sure to fill it with things that are impossible to do and keep the list long. You want to be as overwhelmed as possible so that you collapse in a heap of self-doubt and discouragement.

DON’T take one step at a time. Reach for the moon and fall down among the heaps of laundry. Bite-sized chunks are for people who want to succeed, remember?

DON’T take breaks. Seriously. You might recharge your energy so you have more stamina to get things done later.

DO beat yourself up for procrastinating. Negative reinforcement will help make certain that you get even less done next time.

DO compare yourself to others. This will encourage you to be discouraged and attempt to do “all the things” all at once. You can then fall over in a trembling heap muttering, “But Helen did this and that and the other thing. WHY CAN’T I?!” *chef’s kiss*

DO talk about all you want to get done to everyone who will listen (especially on social media) instead of actually doing it. This builds the pressure ’til you’re at your bursting point. And you can’t get anything done if you’re an overwhelmed heap again on floor–so WIN!


In all seriousness, the US is a “get more done more quickly” society. There’s a daily tradition in Sweden called “fika.” It is literally a break at work to sit down with cake and coffee to chat with people. At some businesses, this is mandatory downtime. IKEA says that some of their best ideas happen at fika. In other countries, businesses close for the afternoon so people can rest and be with their families.

We don’t need to go, go, go! all the time. Let’s stop and smell the roses. Read a good book. Feed the fish in the pond. Fill the proverbial creative well.

What are some ways that you like to unwind? Do you find this helps up your productivity later? Please share!

Keep your nose in a book,

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