Life Enrichment for Humans Stuck at Home

This pandemic has been going on for over 1.5 years, and I know we’re all getting weary. Here are a few ideas that you don’t have to leave your home for (some assuming you’ll order supplies from Amazon/Target/Walmart/Etsy/etc.) or at least not go very far:

  • Exercise

Take a walk around your neighborhood
Put a swing up in your yard
Buy/rent a dance work-out video
Or just turn up your playlist and bust a move (“How are you, fellow kids?”)

  • Listen to awesome music

Try a new band/genre
Pull up music videos on YouTube
Buy records/CDs or pay to stream/download so you can support musicians during these tough times (especially the Indie singers!)

  • Learn a new skill

Take singing lessons via Zoom
Rent an instructional video on playing a musical instrument or making a craft or cooking (or look up stuff on YouTube or get from your public library)
Get on Pinterest and DO ALL THE CRAFTING
Rent or buy a book on photography

  • Birdwatch

Put up a birdfeeder
Install a birdbath
Get some binoculars and pull of a bird identification guide on your phone

  • Bake

Try new recipes from Pinterest
Yell at contestants on The Great British Baking Show
Ask you friends to send you recipes

  • Read!

Order from an Indie bookstore or a chain like B&N or see if your library loans e-books and/or has Hoopla/OverDrive
Read outside of your favorite genre
Reread favorites
Read classics
Read unknowns
Read Indie/self-published works
Try some poetry
Read some self-help
Read magazines and newspapers

  • Write!

Write about the pandemic (years from now, your great-great-grandchildren might want to know what life was like during theses times)
Write poetry that rhymes
Write poetry that has no rhyme or rhythm
Write a novel
Write short stories
Keep a journal

  • Start a new hobby

Do puzzles
Collect something (besides dust, people!)

  • Organize and clean your house (AHAHAHAHHA!)
  • Do some landscaping or make a blueprint of how you would like to landscape
  • Take up gardening
  • Take up canning
  • Write and send letters to shut-ins and the elderly
  • Send an email to your friends/family
  • Start writing a sarcastic/funny Christmas newsletter
  • Better yet, start a (paper) newsletter that you send to friends/family on the regular
  • Paint!

Paint portraits
Paint Landscapes
Paint your house
Paint furntiture

  • Play with Play Doh
  • Buy a pottery wheel and learn how to work with clay
  • People watch
  • Call a family member
  • Text a friend
  • Hook up your hose to a sprinkler and run through it
  • Wade in a kiddie pool
  • Learn a different language

Whatever tickles your fancy (there are videos and virtual classes, I’m sure. Check to see what your local community college is offering. As far as CD courses, I recommend Pimsleur.)

  • Attend virtual events
  • Tour museums/zoos virtually
  • Make ice cream
  • Try cooking something new (Pinterest has everything!)
  • Cook through a cookbook and write about the experience
  • Try candle making
  • Light candles around the home
  • Make a facial (search Pinterest or order one offline)
  • Take a long bubble bath
  • Invest in a footbath
  • Watch ASMR videos (search for them on YouTube)
  • Make candy (Pinterest again!)
  • Watch travel videos
  • Make soap
  • Make lip scrubs and balms
  • In fact, make Christmas/birthday gifts
  • Watch an Indie film
  • Watch a foreign film
  • Binge something on a streaming service
  • Play virtual chess or Scrabble with someone
  • Learn how to play chess
  • Invent and create your own board game
  • Rake/shovel for a neighbor

These are just a few ideas of things you can do to bring a little more enjoyment into your life right now. Do YOU have anything to add to this list?

Keep your nose in a book,

2 thoughts on “Life Enrichment for Humans Stuck at Home”

  1. What a wonderful list of ideas!

    Ontario is currently experiencing a big snowstorm alongside the usual surge of Covid cases. Now is definitely the time to hunker at home and try some of this stuff out.

    Liked by 1 person

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