(Self-) Sabotage!

What is it with us creative types? WHY do we employ self-sabotage, belittle our accomplishments, look for the worst possible scenario, blame ourselves for EVERYTHING, and generally just rain on our own parades?

Here’s are a few bits of comfort/advice for you, me, for all of us:

  • We worry about setting the bar too low, but let’s remember not to set it too high.

Setting a goal we cannot possibly reach isn’t always healthy. I mean, the saying goes, “Reach for the moon; even if you miss, you’ll fall among the stars.” It’s a nice sentiment but it’s not always realistic…nor is it scientifically sound. Over-achievers everywhere: sometimes, we need to give ourselves a star sticker for waking up in the morning, because some days, that’s about all we’ll be able to do. And that’s okay. Take a vacation.

  • Own your wins.

It’s so easy to be overly modest. In fact, most modesty isn’t modesty, it’s just…false. If you do something and do it well, that’s something to feel good about. Pride comes in when you’re comparing yourself to others or going on and on about how great you are. But we know that’s not us. We’re self-deprecating queens and kings, right?

Yes, in the words of a wise psychiatrist, “STOP. IT.” When someone praises you, thank them and don’t add, “Oh, it was nothing.” Nothing?! Would you tell your best friend that their accomplishment was nothing? Own. Your. Wins.

  • When bad things happen, you’re not necessarily the reason. Remember that.

You do not control the world’s events. You cannot control other people. Heck, we can hardly control our characters, am I right? (I know I’m right.) So, take responsibility for the things you know you need to own up to, but beyond that? Don’t add to your pile.

There’s enough out there to make us go “UGH!” Don’t turn on yourself.

Keep your nose in a book,

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