Kittens in the HOUSE–well, not the actual house…

There have been no cats in any of my published work and that is a crying SHAME. I mean, cats are my favorite animal (foxes are second, horses are third, otters are tied in fourth with dogs.) WHY haven’t I featured these pretty lil critters in my books? Well, I mean, the first draft of IN A PICKLE had a time-traveling companion cat named Thomasin. But he didn’t make it through the first round of rewrites, bother.

Right now, there is a litter of two (once three) feral kittens hanging around my house. The white one is Bartok–he’s the alpha and least feral of the group–and then there’s the orange little gentleman who doesn’t have a name as of this writing. I’m hoping a local rescue agency will come and pick them up soon, but until then, we’re providing food, water, toys, and attention (they live under our shed.)

I would take these little furbeasts into my house, only we have two indoor kitties who would frown upon it. Plus, the kittens would need all their jabs and a good de-worming, no doubt (and testing for diseases.) Plus a lot of work in domesticating them. *sigh* But they are so cute. I kinda want to write a book about them…

They’ve been around since Memorial Day and were probably at least a month old back then. So, I’m putting them at around four months.

Please remember to spay and neuter your pets! So important, especially if they’re outdoors.

Keep your nose in a book,


What’s your favorite animal? Have a favorite book featuring that particular type of critter?


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P.S. I wrote this post a few weeks ago. The kittens have since left. Thought I’d keep this in the queue for publishing, though.

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