Riddle Answer

For book three of The Goblets Immortal Trilogy, I wanted to do a riddle to reveal the title. Here is the answer…un-riddled….

This man was greeted as an old friend. Or was he a man? Emily could tell you, no fear you’d offend!

The man in question is no man at all, but an “old friend” of Emily Dickinson. The answer is Death!

(Now, name and make him the possessor. Congratulations! You have the first word, you clever old guesser.)

The possessive of “Death” is Death’s.

ALT or Enter (or in fable “speak friend”);
Map or piano may in part attend.

“Alt” and “Enter” are both keys on a keyboard. Likewise, “map” and “piano” may IN PART attend…both have keys, but only one may attend, so it’s singular.

For the next part, downward you scroll!

You’ve the second word—you’re quite on a roll.

The tile of book three is therefore DEATH’S KEY!


Libro secundo, Meraude ha questi calici:

This is Italian for “Book two, Meraude has this Goblet.”

231 hard, 231 soft.

Both the hard and soft cover versions of HOLES IN THE VEIL have the epilogue on page 231, which states the Goblets that Meraude has. To state which would be a major SPOILER if you haven’t read the book, so read on with caution!

If you riddled this out,

No holes in YOUR sight.

If you move to the right

(In case you didn’t get the page-flipping bit to, you know, THE END.)

You’ll know what it’s about.

The second one she’s got.

The second Goblet mentioned is the Enduring Goblet.

Think you’ve untangled

This sticky old web?

From this section: take the first word,

Which is “The”

Plus the first three letters of the second,

What do you have?

“End.” The answer to this part of the riddle is “The End.” The rest of the riddle was another hint for the end, in case people missed it from the bit above.

(The road goes ever on and on,

But all good things must come to a close.

Is that not right?

Was I not on the nose?)


Like riddles? I’d love to see some some! Leave them in the comments, please 😀

Keep your nose in a book,

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