Like tanderine blossoms in my series The Goblets Immortal, lemongrass is reputed to have healing properties. Note that I am NOT a doctor nor am I giving medical advice in this post. This is all my own experience.

I’ve been growing a small crop of lemongrass, and the other week I harvested a small portion of it. Lemongrass, from my understanding, can be harvested when the plant is at least twelve inches long.

First, I traced the leaf down to the stalk near the soil, and then I cut, leaving a small stub. Next, I washed each leaf/stem in lukewarm water, tore in half, and dried.

Wrapping the crop in plastic cling wrap and then in aluminum foil ensures that your crop doesn’t get freezer burn, because we’re going to chuck it the icebox! It should keep for a long time.

When I want to brew a nice lemongrass infusion, all I have to do it pull out a stalk and/or leaf. I crush it a little, and then place in water that is not quite boiling hot for at least fifteen minutes. Then I remove the the lemongrass plant, add some sugar, and enjoy.

When someone falls desperately ill, tanderine blossoms are prepared in a similar way in book three of The Goblets Immortal (title reveal coming next week!)


What are some of your favorite herbs? Do you like a nice lemongrass infusion?

Keep your nose in a book,

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