Songs for Writing Time

Here is a list of songs that have inspired and seen me through multiple drafts of novels. Hit it, maestro!

For The Goblets Immortal Trilogy*:

  • Ruins of Illusion by LEAH
  • Wicked Game (cover) by Theory of a Deadman
  • Edge of Your Sword by LEAH
  • Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep (version) by LEAH
  • Hero by Chad Kroeger
  • I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons

*Book three comes out in 2023. Guess the title by solving these riddles here.

For ADIBAB Duology(?)*:

  • Avalanche by Cellar Darling
  • Black Moon by Cellar Darling
  • Challenge by Cellar Darling
  • Hullaballoo by Cellar Darling
  • Six Days by Cellar Darling
  • The Hermit by Cellar Darling
  • Water by Cellar Darling
  • Fire, Wind & Earth by Cellar Darling
  • Rebels by Cellar Darling
  • Under the Oak Tree… by Cellar Darling
  • …High Above These Crowns by Cellar Darling
  • Starcrusher by Cellar Darling
  • Redemption by Cellar Darling
  • Born for This by The Score

*Final title to be revealed sometime soon…hopefully!


What’s some great music you’ve been listening to lately?

Keep your nose in a book,

2 thoughts on “Songs for Writing Time”

  1. What I found interesting is that I’ve never heard *any* of these songs. 🙂 Of course a large part of that may be that I’ve never heard of Cellar Darling . . .

    I find it hard to listen to music *while* I’m writing. I think it’s because I’m hearing the rhythm and sound of the words in my mind, even though I’m not actually mentally sounding them out; and a competing rhythm and pace from the music would confuse that. Or maybe I just find it too distracting.

    I could perhaps do it with instrumental music; no lyrics to compete with my striving for words. I do use music to psych me up for writing, before the writing session itself; sometimes songs, but more often orchestral music — especially movie soundtracks, which are designed to backstop certain kinds of dramatic moments.

    I like to come up with a playlist of music to accompany a story — especially if there are songs that actually occur in the story. For example, here: https://rickellrod.com/stories/the-world-around-the-corner/.

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    1. Yes, a lot of Cellar Darling. It’s Celtic Metal and a lot of fun. Hope you check them out sometime 😀

      It’s always very interesting hearing about other writers’ processes. I like that you get yourself psyched for writing by listening to the right tunes. When I’m editing, I need silence. But music usually feeds my writing frenzies. Other times, I do need quiet or just instrumentals.

      Thanks for stopping by, Rick!

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