I Used to be Her Jo

I was writing poetry this (Thursday) evening, and really got myself in a funk. The topic of the poem was a personal look at how a loved one used to see me versus how they see me now. For better and for worse, I’ve changed over the years.

I’m not a good poet, but here’s what I wrote (I stopped writing is because I was getting too emotional.) It’s called I Used to be Her Jo:

I used to be her Jo, Joy

I used to be her Jo

Father didn’t want me

But Marmee loved me so

I never was Pop’s Joe, see

I’m not a good girl-boy


I was steady hands, she said

My darling girl, my Jo

Whenever there was need

Wherever there was woe

She called me her Jo, see

But now that girl is dead


I used to be her Jo, Joy

I used to be her Jo

That’s a very personal, raw part of me coming out. I might delete it. Who knows?

Here’s a kitty pic to cheer us all up:


Keep your pen on the page,

Author: bethovermyer

Beth Overmyer wears several hats, all belonging to different writers. From fantastical kidlit to everyday popular fiction, Beth pens her work with gusto. In 2008, her screenplay The Method won best comedy at Gotham Screen’s contest, and in 2012, her MG book In a Pickle came out from MuseItUp Publishing.

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