Julia Child and Me

If you haven’t seen Julie and Julia, it’s a great movie, well worth the time–and $–to rent and watch. Or buy. I suggest buy, because, as stated, this movie is fabulous. I mean, come on: food, Julia Child, cooking, writing, FOOD–you’ll gain weight watching this movie…what’s not to love? (Well, besides the weight-gaining part, but we’ll type off all the extra calories, amiright?)

For those who are not in the know, Julie and Julia is based on two true stories–one based off written correspondence and what people know of Julia and Paul Child, the other based off a blog and then a book by author Julie Powell. Here’s a trailer: CLICK ME!

As a wannabe foodie and a writer–no wannabe there: AM A WRITER–this movie appeals to me. So I re-watched it over the course of two nights. I made it to the end, and then…

SPOILER ALERT! do not read beyond this point if you don’t know that Julia Child actually had success 😛

Julia Child receives a print copy of her finished, edited, published manuscript in the mail. Yes, it was a cookbook, not a novel, but…I wept. Tears of longing, of agony, of hope. I want to hold a paper book in my hands so badly, I can taste it. *insert groan here*

A year from now, I hope to be holding a copy of my novelty book. I hope that satisfies. Until then, I will keep my pen on the page. I hope you do the same.


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