Fruit Basket Upset

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve blogged?! Ye gads!

I have one exciting update: I’ve decided to self-publish a humor/novelty book that I’ve written 😀 More details to come! (On a related note: If anyone knows of a good editor with reasonable prices, whom I can pay by check or Visa gift card, let me know! I only need some line edits done.)

NaNoWriMo is going…slow. But that’s all right. I’m just so excited for Christmas with my family and friends that I’m most decidedly distracted.

And that’s all I’ve got now…mostly. As you may have seen on Facebook and Twitter, I came close to a minor meltdown, but reined it in and decided to take a short break from social media. I think a week or two will do the trick. If not, it might be time to unfollow a few folks on Twitter, and hide some people’s posts on Facebook.

Peace and out!

Keep your pen on the page,

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