Christmas Shopping–for Writers!

Don’t know what to get the writer in your life for Christmas? I’ve got some ideas!

-Book-themed Writing Gloves from Storiarts or AmazonKeep your hands warm while you type, leaving your fingers free so they don’t slip and slide over the keys. They have Peter Pan, Pride and Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland, The Raven pairs, and more! 🙂

-Book-themed candles from Frostbeard Studio or Amazon. Each candle’s scent is designed to make readers think of specific books and book-related places. From Pemberley Gardens to Reading in a Cafe, these are sure to please. (Frostbeard’s website has even more scents to choose from!)

The Mental Game of Writing by James Scott Bell from Amazon. This book isn’t so much a book on the craft on writing, but a book on the mental aspect of things. Organization, writer’s block, and self-doubt are some of the issues tackled.

Midnight in Paris (DVD). It’s a movie for writers and dreamers. Don’t read the movie’s blurb. I went in knowing nothing about the movie, and was so charmed that I recommend the no foreknowledge approach to viewing this delightful dramedy.

What made YOUR wish list this year? Any shopping suggestions for writers?

Keep your pen on the page,

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