I Snorted V8 – Oops

This writer’s journey is a long one, innit? I’ve had a bit of a rough week and week’s end…but I won’t bore y’all with details. It may have involved juice and my sinuses and an accidental snorting, but yeah.

The good news is…I GOT BITTEN! :-O

…by two plot bunnies. I really need to have these things Bob Barker-ed. See, a concept just struck me before bed (the idea involves people with special abilities in a unique setting.) Then I went to sleep and dreamt vividly, and that is where the second idea came from.

I’m quite stoked about the second one, because it is set in Ireland 🙂

So, that’s the good that’s been happening. Sorry for the late post. In reading news, if you want a good Steampunk romance, Christopher Hoare of Tyche Books has an excellent series. The first books is called Steam and Stratagem. The one after that is Spies and Subterfuge. The last one (which I haven’t gotten to yet) is Scandal and Secrets. Yes, you have to read them in order.

Keep your pen on the page,

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