Progress? What Progress?

Okay, okay, so that ^ title is a little melodramatic. I’ve written over 26,000 words so far this month, but only 6,000 of them are for Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal for Camp NaNo? 30,000. I will have to up my game, continuing to write a short story/flash fic/poem/song each day, 500 words minimum on the novelette, and around 1,400 words per day on the novel in order to chew and swallow all I have bitten off.

Talk about indigestion!

But I’ve survived this far. I can make it the rest of the way…right?


*voice echoes into the void*


And I need to do laundry. Desperately. (Don’t stand to close to me right now; you’ll regret it.)

Keep your pen on the page,

P.S. Send caffeine.

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