FRIDAY?! Did we even have a Thursday?

Ack! Today is Friday! How did this week go so quickly?

Anways, here’s the scoop: I completed sixteen short stories/songs/poems/plays, and I started two novelettes (each in three parts) for the whole Write Like You’re Alive challenge. So, grand total is twenty-two pieces. I’ll be in the anthology, so HOORAY!

Camp NaNo = Bust. Ending at 6k. BUT I’ve gone back and have been revising. I’m almost to a major problem scene, so looking forward to taking care of that.

35,000 words written this month 😀 *beams*

And new shiny projects are distracting me. I’ve been dreaming about them, darnit.

Creative writing group starts up again next week. I *think* I’m prepared. Rawr.

Must dash!

Keep your pen on the page,

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