As you read this, it has been one week since the beginning of the Madness. For one week, I have been writing my butt off. And it is hard to sit without a butt. Yes, it’s actually Saturday night as I write this post for the next week, one day since the starting gun, and my brain’s already turned on me.

Here is what’s on the schedule (imagine me affecting an English accent. Schedule. Shedge-wool):

First ten days of July: write 1 short story based on Sherlock Holmes lore (for Write Like You’re Alive), write 1,000 words on novel (for Camp NaNoWriMo), and write at least 500 words on novelette (also for WLYA.)

Next ten days of July: all the same, except for the short stories, which will be based on the Pride and Prejudice universe.

Next ten days after that: all the same, except for the short stories, which will all be original.

And for that single last day of July, I will attempt to finish up my novelette/novella/whatever I have, edit a few things, and Voila!

So, okay, there you go. My month in a nutshell. And you all know what’s in a nutshell: Me.

Keep your pen on the page,

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