How I Survived My Second Book Signing

Me^ (Photo credit: R.A. Johnson) Don't let that relaxed, calm, and passive face fool you đŸ˜‰ I was STRESSED about my book signing last Saturday. I showed up an hour early, with all my stuff and my friend and her son and my mom...because, let's face it: If you fail to plan, you plan to… Continue reading How I Survived My Second Book Signing


Me Tackling Fear — On the Radio and in a Crowd

My sister got me a cute shot glass ^ in honor of CIRCUS IN A SHOT GLASS's upcoming release! But before I think about CIRCUS IN A SHOT GLASS, I have to finish getting through this week. If all went well (I'm writing this post on Sunday), I was on the radio yesterday and will… Continue reading Me Tackling Fear — On the Radio and in a Crowd


A Short History of Lady Catherine Says

I didn't know about Jane Austen. I mean, wasn't she some long-dead author of some novel-book-thingies? Yeah, they sounded too girly. I was a tomboy. So I read lots of good books, mostly genre (which is great!) But until around 2005, I did not know what I was missing. My friends the Allen family introduced… Continue reading A Short History of Lady Catherine Says



I hit publish for Lady Catherine Says! While it hasn't gone live yet, you can sign up (on Amazon) to be notified when it is made available. YAY! I'm throwing around some possibilities of a book signing next year, and selling my books from a local craft store and perhaps a coffee shop. We'll see!… Continue reading I Hit PUBLISH!


Monday is Publishing Day!

Next Monday, I hit publish for the print version of In a Pickle! It should then be for sale within seventy-two hours! There's also been a slight change in plans for the release of Lady Catherine Says... Surprise! Lady Catherine Says' release date has been moved up to the second week of December (I'll be… Continue reading Monday is Publishing Day!


I Finished Draft One!

I have NEWS! I've finished draft one of my fantasy novel, TBA. This novel, when/if published a ways down the road, will be released under my pen name, S.M. Tinker. Yes, the initials stand for something. No, I'm not telling you. A little about the project: It's set in a quasi-Georgian England-esque land. Thought that… Continue reading I Finished Draft One!