The Bookworm Tag Challenge

I've been tagged by Bookmarkedone to participate in the Bookworm Tag challenge. How is your bookshelf organized? By color, author, genre, size, etc.? Wow. Okay, confession time: my bookshelf is ANYTHING but organized. Once upon a time, I tried to organize by topic and genre, but more books kept coming, I ran out of space,… Continue reading The Bookworm Tag Challenge


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day! Or Galentine's...or even, I DON'T CELEBRATE Day đŸ™‚ This year, Valentine's Day (February 14th) falls on a Thursday. You have over a week from now, which should give you enough time to order/put together a nice gift for your love interest, if you are so inclined. But what is that gift? Here… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas