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Teasing the Tea: Drink These Fabulous Teas and Tell Me Your Thoughts!

I like tea. Tea doesn’t make me sad.

Here is a list of a few teas that I’ve enjoyed in the past and think some of you might like as well.

A cup of tea is all I need to keep working. – Lailah Gifty Akita

When Bag Ladies Tea’s Novel Teas are good, they are really good. It’s a black tea (English Breakfast) with quotes about books on each tea tag. Note that the bags are not individually wrapped, so I recommend storing them in an airtight container or Zip Lock baggie. Note that I drink my teas with two sugars. The taste is pleasant and mellow, not too bitter. Three minutes is the steep time, and I have to say it can sometimes be a little weak. All in all, my favorite brand of black tea. Some batches, unfortunately, taste a bit like the bag they steep in. It’s really strange. Almost a clean/cloth taste and not really that pleasant.

You can purchase Novel Teas from Amazon, but the price is not cheap. $13.50 for twenty-five bags as of this writing.

Yorkshire Tea Toast & Jam Brew is a black tea with toast and strawberry jam notes. I say strawberry, you might taste raspberry, but I digress. Adding milk tames the acidity of the tea and thus tones down the bitter notes from the toast flavoring. Some batches seem to be bitterer than others. As of this writing, you can get 40 teabags for $7.90. Note that they are not individually wrapped, so the plastic baggy/airtight storage is a good idea for this as well.

Stash Meyer Lemon herbal “tea” is delicious but very reminiscent of Lemon Lift by Bigelow except this stuff has no real tea in it. If you like one, you’re most likely going to like the other. Each bag comes individually wrapped. Also, there’s no caffeine so you can enjoy it late!

Yogi Tea Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life is a green tea with fruit flavorings andrequires little sugar. It’s a great energy booster without tons of caffeine (read the ingredient label and consult a physician especially if you are on any medications.) They are individually wrapped in paper wrappers, and you can find a box of them from some Target stores and on Amazon.

I need to restock Harney & Sons Tower of London Blend. It contains bergamot, which I normally don’t care for in a hot tea, but there are other fruits that complement it and make it more palatable for me at least. A little perfume-y, but not in a disgusting sense. They come in a fancy purple tin and are NOT individually wrapped.

Christmas in Paris “tea” by Stash is a blend of chocolate, lavender, and mint. It sounds unusual, but it’s extremely tasty and contains only trace amounts of caffeine. Each teabag is individually wrapped, and you can buy it year round on Amazon.

Tazo has a yummy Apricot Vanilla Crème tea. This white tea with flavorings is rather weak, so you’ll probably need to steep it for longer than the box says. Each bag is individually wrapped in its own paper wrapper.

Yorkshire Tea makes a blend called Biscuit Brew. It tastes a bit like cookies, but some other palates disagree. These bags are NOT individually wrapped, and a box of them can cost you around $8 on the ‘Zon for 40 bags, last I checked.


Do you have any teas you recommend? I’d love to hear about them as I’m always looking for a good cuppa.

Keep your nose in a book,

3 thoughts on “Teasing the Tea: Drink These Fabulous Teas and Tell Me Your Thoughts!”

  1. Hi Beth, I enjoyed reading your tea list. I love my morning coffee, but after lunch I love a good cup of tea. Twinings English Breakfast is my favorite, but I just bought a box of Typh-oo black tea this morning and looking forward to trying this one.

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